Italian BBQ Party

We started our grand “BBQ Party” in November 2012 coincidently for some personal reason. We had to hold a private event as one of our Founding Members had invited his girlfriend to celebrate their feelings, and suddenly the invited guest did not turn up. Therefore, as we had already booked the venue, a bungalow at Goldkist Beach Resort, we decided to open for public instead, at the last minute, and have some fun and relieve our friend. The event went viral and we had more than 200 people coming, from everywhere.

After that, we decided to keep this moment and offer it twice a year, on July or before August (the Summer Barbecue), and on winter (the Christmas December Barbecue).

Our BBQ Party reveals the spirit of our Italian association: we are open to everybody national wide; we love to hold it as a simple and informal event where all can have fun, enjoy themselves, and meet new people and friends; we show our warm friendship and extrovert character;  and we have completely sponsored it till now, requesting participants only to bring their home-made food  (pot-luck) and/or drinks, while we would organize the event and pay from our own pocket and carry out decoration, rental of the premises, show, music, equipment, and other food. This is because Italians are generous and friendship is important to us!

From 2013 we introduced a free lucky draw, which excites everyone with scores of worthy awards and sponsored prizes, and we reached till 300 participants for each event.

The BBQ Party is a very successful moment for the community and a gathering for every nationality in Singapore, which became another exciting event which everyone is looking forward to every year.

Some photos:

Last modified: November 6, 2023

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