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The Italian Association of Singapore in the last years seized the opportunity in getting structure, supporting the community in proper way with the due company setup. On 31st May 2020 the Annual General Meeting from a simple association ROS Registered decided to transform the legal entity in a Company Limited by Guarantees with the name of Singapore Italian Association Limited being always a no profit and non governative, always supporting Italy, the Italian Community in Singapore and our Governative Authorities as the Italian Embassy in Singapore. Today the Singapore Italian Association has this structure:

Omar Bassalti – President

Omar is a Chartered Professional Italian Mechanical Engineer of Politecnico di Milano with 15+ years working experience within companies project oriented, mainly Finance, Fintech, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure. In the Singapore Italian Association group of Companies he is the Group President with supervision of Commercial, Growth and Financial team. Detailed, meticulous on numbers, budgets, costs, cash flow and profit. He moved to Singapore in December 2010, married with Ling they have two babies, Victoria and Caesar. Member of Italian Committee [#COMITES] in Singapore an Italian Governative Body representing Italians in Singapore.

Ludovica Girardo – Vice President

Ludovica came from New Zealand to Singapore in 2011. She is involved in the F&B business and she is currently the Senior Sales Executive at Euraco Finefood Singapore. Landed in Singapore in May 2011 Ludovica had an internship in business entity. She is involved currently in the F&B business and she has the position of Vice President in the Singapore Italian Association. She is an important asset for the Italian Woman community in Singapore. Ludovica is also an important Member of Italian Committee [#COMITES] in Singapore an Italian Governative Body representing Italians in Singapore.

Andrea Santini – Group CFO

14+ years’ experience of strengthening Big4 and in-house advisory with in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Tax, Corporate Financial Management, and Business Law in Asia and Europe. Expert in the development, improvement, and implementation of financial systems and structuring. Andrea within the SIAL Group of companies follows all the financial aspects together with taxes and auditing. Covering this position also within the International Business Center Pte. Ltd. Andrea is our Group Chief Financial Officer supporting the Association and the Community.

Serena Pacifico – Events Director

15 years of living and working in Europe and Asia have equipped Serena with the superpower of building strong relationships and identifying the needs of clients, which adds a special flair to her work. In the past, she has managed projects of all sizes with budgets of up to €2 million and over the years have had the opportunity to work on prestigious projects for the British Royal Family, launch the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication, run a nationwide environmental campaign with Singapore Environment Council. Serena is our Group Events Director supporting the Association and the Community.

Marco Notarnicola – CLO

Resourceful and performance-oriented legal professional, with more than 8 years of international experience in adding strategic value and solving complex legal issues for industry leaders and their respective clients. Regarded as an expert for Asian legal systems, with hundreds of successfully solved cases and complex projects. Marco within the SIAL Group of companies follows all the legal matters and cases. Covering this position also within the Italian Business Center Pte. Ltd. Marco is our Group Chief Legal Officer supporting the Association and the Community.

Aniello Castellano – CTO

Aniello aka Nello is an experienced Technologist with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Requirements Analysis, Perl, Advertising, PHP, and Event Management. Within the Italian Association of Singapore has brought plenty of tech ideas and efficient IT expenditures. From 2019 IAS has its own newsletter server, iOS and Android App and further IT services online optimised. Nello within the Italian Association is the ITC Director. Together with our President Omar Bassalti, David Carollo and Fabio Giuffrida they are the ITC and Marketing Team for all the revenue lines of SIAL Group of Companies. Nello is also an important Member of Italian Committee [#COMITES] in Singapore an Italian Governative Body representing Italians in Singapore.

João Casetto Pacheco – Community Director

João is an Italian born and raised in Brazil and has lived in Singapore for five years. He has broad experience in communications, marketing, and talent performance from working in market-leader multinationals in the agriculture and food industries. He’s also experienced and certified in Intercultural competencies development. João joins the Italian Association Board helping us make our community-focused activities even more multicultural, inclusive and diverse.

Fabio Giuffrida – Executive Director

Fabio is and highly professional IT Manager acting as Assistant Vice President in one of the top 10 largest general insurance groups in the world . From Turin to Singapore in mid 2015 and starting from the beginning he was acting as supporter and volunteer for the major Italian Association initiatives embracing the philosophy and the ethic of the team, then he recently join the board as new active member . Stubborn, workaholic and passionate like his Italian football team is acting also as Vice President of the Singapore Toro Club. Fabio with the Singapore Italian Association is one of the Executive Directors taking care of IAS approaching businesses and community.

Davide Telari – Executive Director

Davide has more than 15 years of experience in IT, built across Italy, Poland, Singapore and Spain, covering technical and leadership roles in global multicultural and multinational environments. A passionate, pragmatic and ambitious person, who strive to achieve collective goals and successes. Davide is with us building trust and confidence with our partners, so to ensure effective and sustainable business growth. Davide with the Singapore Italian Association is one of the Executive Directors taking care of IAS approaching businesses and community.

David Carollo – Marketing Director

David Carollo is a polymorphic professional with creative, technical, strategic and entrepreneurial skills. With a Master’s Degree with honour in Communication Theory and Technology he had several interesting experiences in the world of innovation, ICT and advertising. On 2015 David was appointed as one of the Italian Digital Champions and he published many articles on Social Media and Digital Marketing and a book on 2016; moreover he hosted some speeches about these topics in Italian universities and business meetings. David is part of Board of Directors from almost the foundation of the Italian Association.


Alberto Forchielli – Hon Vice President

Alberto, Harvard laureate, pragmatic, passionate, and obsessive, 35 years of managerial experience in international affairs development, with a particular focus on the United States, Europe, and China. Managing Partner of Mandarin Capital Partners. Currently, he also deals with dynamics and themes related to the global labour market, as well as talent and skills management at an international level with special attention to problems youth are facing and professional training. He worked and lived for long periods of time in Santiago, Lima, Buenos Aires, Boston, London, Rome, Turin, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Washington DC, Luxembourg, and Munich. Currently, he divides his time between Hong Kong and Boston, and he is always aware of themes regarding the global economy, internationalisation, and labour globalisation.

Non-Voting Board Members

Alberto Forchielli – Vice President


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