Welcome to the Singapore Italian Association!

The Singapore Italian Association Limited welcomes all Italians, Singaporeans and anyone interested in Italy. We intend to develop and promote cultural activities and  business initiatives within Singapore and between Italy and Singapore. The Italian Association towards the Italian Language School, the Language Education Center Pte. Ltd. and the International Business Center Pte. Ltd. supports the Communities and Businesses in Singapore.

Professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals who want to support the Italian Spirit in Singapore are encouraged to participate in our activities joining the Italian Association.

The mission of the Singapore Italian Association Limited (SIAL) is to bring together Italians, and the Italian business and professional community in Singapore and offer to its members a broad range of services, from networking to supporting their business objectives and needs, facilitating communication and exchange among members. From 2015 we have also open the School of Language and the Italian Language School, planning to open the Kindergartner and Primary.

Discover, learn, exchange, grow

In the last few years the Italian community has seen an impressive growth of its presence in Singapore; the need of gathering and giving a coherent image of the Italian culture to the multicultural society in Singapore has become furthermore important.

The Singapore Italian Association Limited aims to:

  • Organise and support social events, cultural and sport activities to the benefit of our community as well as the Singaporean Community.
  • Welcome all the new members of the community and supports the current ones in order to interact in the most fruitful way with the varied and constantly improving facilities that make Singapore the core of South East Asia.
  • Create an extensive network among well established institutional cultural centres, organisations, schools, committees, corporation, clubs and other associations.
  • To be a new voice and focal point for the Italian community of Singapore. To represent and spur growth.



Networking, cultural events, advices, everything that the growing Italian community may need for a fulfilling life in Singapore: SIAL is here for this.


Once a month we organise a typical Italian aperitivo across different locations in the city, along with two free BBQ’s, potluck. Everyone is welcome, see you there!

Football & Futsal

Since 2011 we have a team taking part in several tournaments and playing friendship matches. We play within the Italian community in Singapore and once in a year we take part in an international tournament in Thailand in November! Sweat with us!


In June 2015 we started a Chinese language course and we have then develop the Italian School of Language with already more than 100 students from allover the world. We also organise cuisine workshops, art, tourism and history seminars about Italy and its unique heritage.

Job Advisory

For those who do not have a clear understanding of situation in Singapore, we provide advice and referrals to approach the Singaporean job market with confidence. We can also keep on-line your CV if you need visibility. This service is very precious for the Italians that intend to leave the nation and don't have a clear understanding of situation in Singapore.

Life Buoy

Neverknow! We are an Association from People to People, if you need help, advices of any kinds or if you have ideas just write us! We are here ready to listen and we intend to arrive where others don't.