Italy’s Liberation Day

25 April 1945

“Citizens, workers! General strike against the German occupation, against the fascism war, for the salvation of our land, our homes, our workshops. As in Genoa and Turin, place the Germans faced with the dilemma: to surrender or perish.”

With These words  Sandro Pertini the 25th of April 1945  announcing the seizure of power by the CLNAI (National Liberation Committee of Upper Italy ) and the death sentence for all fascist leaders that included Benito Mussolini, who was shot three days later.

The 25th of April is also the end of 595 day of résistance against the nazi-facist domain. In April 1946 Alcide De Gasperi , and Umberto II, declared that 25th of April is National holiday to Celebrate the Total liberation of Italy.

Since then, annually in all Italian cities – especially those decorated for military valor for the war of liberation – are organized public events in memory.

Italy’s Liberation Day is strongly felt by the citizens and considered one of the most important day in our recent history, seeing huge participation during the official celebration of a wide range of population.

The Italian Association of Singapore uses to organize an Aperitive around this important day or our nation.


Last modified: November 6, 2023

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