• Languages Courses

    INTRODUCTION IAS aims to promote Italian culture and lifestyle in Singapore. Therefore, together with the other institutions and groups in Singapore, wants to offer and connect to a wide range of proposals, helping spread the knowledge and the richness of Italy toward youth, students, professionals, passionate supporters, interested people who

  • Start-up Mentorship

    Business/Start Ups IAS is composed by a lot of experienced professionals -in all walks of life and business fields- who will help you start up and follow up your activity or deliver market analyses at an affordable fee for their members. What better than ask professional people who are in

  • Free Job Advisory

    Free Job Advisory Our board members are always ready to listen and give you the proper hints for Singapore job market. We are going to implement and on-line database where we intend helps Italians but not only promote them-self versus the supporting companies that stand under the umbrella of Italian

  • Lawyer Services

    Lawyer Service You might need suggestions or a single consulting for many reasons. Job, family, heritage, deeds, documents, administration matters, and much other. We have a list of reliable lawyers and associates which will apply a pro bono or outstanding service for the first meeting then you’ll decide how you intend