Masterclass:Commedia dell’Arte for Teaching Artists w Marco Luly

‘Commedia dell’Arte for Teaching Artists’ is an introductory masterclass facilitated by Commedia dell’Arte master Marco Luly. Commedia dell’Arte is a a form of improvisational theatre that began in Italy in the 16th Century.

(Why is it relevant to drama practitioners and teachers?)
Commedia dell’Arte offers a very valuable training in improvisation, comedy, mask and pantomime. Furthermore, the discipline emphasises on precision, self-awareness and participation in group work, all important skills for any actor.

When asked in an interview what kind of “raw materials” an actor must possess in order to play Commedia dell’Arte, Marco answered:

“Flexibility and ability to interact. Commedia dell’ Arte is first of all an “actor’s form of theatre” meaning that the actor is at the very center of the stage, the most important element in the show. Actors must be ready to improvise, aware that they are working in a team and ready to help or go along with the others’ improvisations. Commedia dell’ Arte actors must work with their brains as well as with their bodies.”

(What can you look forward to in this introductory masterclass?)
You will be introduced to the main features of Commedia dell’Arte such as humour, improvisation, mime, use of masks and voice modulation. Participants will take part in activities that not only allow them to embody the lazzi and play stock characters popular in Commedia dell’Arte, these activities are also meant to cultivate self-awareness and precision in the use of gestures and voice as a well as improve participation in group work.

Feedback from past participants:
– I like the step-by-step approach and the clarity in Marco’s instruction which helps me imagine how I can conduct these lessons in class.
– Marco Luly is a skilful trainer and in the introductory class, taught the basics of body movement before moving to how the character types move and interact with others.
– As the trainer demonstrated and showed us the movements, it was easier for us to follow. I appreciated the discussions and ‘talk about’ sessions after every exercise.